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Back from ADIM Conference

11 oct. 2019

Posté par Estelle Berger

Back from ADIM Conference

The 4th Academy for Design Innovation Management Conference was held in London last June.

Firstly, the pleasure to be hosted in the pleasant Loughborough University (perfect location, light & spacious building, special mention for the library ;). Secondly, the chance to connect with this research community, concerned just as we are about design management topics - from a practitioners' perspective. Lastly, the opportunity to present a paper co-written by Estelle Berger (Strate Research) with Valérie Mérindol (Paris School of Business), entitled The Organizational Impacts of Design Thinking used as a Toolbox for Managers or as a Theory of Design. Building on a multicase study run in French companies, this research aims at better qualifying the diffusion trajectory of Design Thinking employed as Management Innovation. We highlighted three main influencing factors that combine within each specific context:

  • The strategic objectives initially assigned (is Design Thinking used as a punctual toolbox or as a lever for transformation?)
  • The fit with the political dimension of the organization (is there a need to negotiate the content of management innovation as it spreads, to reduce potential tensions?)
  • The internal legitimacy of the pilot (is a designer / non-designer manager better suited to promote Design Thinking?)

We were lucky to discuss in a warm atmosphere, gathering insights to further develop this research. To be continued...