Exalt Lab Design

The first joint laboratory dedicated to the value of design in organizations.


Academic and industrial


Research activities are structured by academic partners, by rolling out multidisciplinary tools and methods. They articulate and value the results within our communities.

Logo Strate Research

Strate Research, the Design Research and Innovation Department of Strate School of Design, was created on the vision that Design and Research are both identified by economical and political instances as major levers of differentiation, sustainable development and value creation.

Hence the absolute necessity that designers start doing research in order to build a fair, simple and beautiful world for tomorrow. Under the transversal approach of Experience, design research at Strate acts in projects in an active, situated and committed way.

The anchoring in the design practice nourishes and embodies the corpus of knowledge. While design is everywhere, we need more than ever to question its objects, practices and challenges.

Logo Ecole Polytechnique

HEC trains the decision-makers of tomorrow, whatever their origins and places of practice, and actively participates in the production of new management knowledge.

Within GREHEC, the laboratory conducts research on innovation management, through the invitation of business professionals and the establishment of case studies by students. The laboratory addresses the management dimensions of disruptive innovations, the organization of exploration and the development processes of new products.

It deals in particular with the following questions: how to develop breakthrough innovations that renew the activity of the firm without weakening its current operation? How to learn projects' exploration and how to organize them?

Logo i3

The Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (i3) has been created in 2012 by the MINES ParisTech and TELECOM ParisTech. The Polytechnic school has joined it in 2014. Since the first of January of 2015, i3 has become a CNRS joint research unit (UMR 9217).

The innovation is a multidimensional and central phenomenon in our society dynamic. To be understand in its different dimensions, it requires the dialogue of different disciplines, such as the economy, the management and the sociology. The institute research deals with fundamentals questions which federate many research communities very active at an international level, while being relevant for companies and decision-makers.

This research is organized in 4 transverse themes covering all the field of innovation. Each thematic allows to create a real discussion space between disciplines and between the institute teams. :
1) Transformations of the innovative companies,
2) Theories and model of conception,
3) Regulations of innovation,
4) Uses, participation, democratization of innovation.

Logo Codesign

Mines TelecomParisTech CoDesign Lab focuses on «extreme design», that is design that redefines its traditional limits and explores new territories and unconventional practices and collaborations in science, society, politics, and art.

Being a multidisciplinary research laboratory, its research is based on several disciplines: Communication & Information sciences, Semiotics & Design research, Philosophy, Sociology of science & technology and Human Computer Interface.

The research team analyse design practices and productions in order to develop and test new human-computer interaction systems to better understand meaning making in design and engineering.


Industrial partners represent the fields of research of Exalt. By opening their design practices, management and strategy for analyses and experimentations, they contribute to a learning community of pairs.

Logo Carrefour

Carrefour, through its Design Department, has chosen STRATE and its academic background to develop and communicate on the future of design.

This collaboration is the outcome of a close relationship that links design training and professional practice to enrich and evolve the design field.

Carrefour’s ambition is to address the fundamental issues that put design at the center of the evolution of society and the wellbeing of its citizens.

Logo Otis

Elevator Company Otis is an American company that develops, manufactures and markets elevators, escalators, moving walkways and related equipment.

A pioneer in its field, Otis is the world’s largest manufacturer of vertical transportation systems, principally focusing on elevators, moving walkways and escalators.

Logo Emakina

With 800 experts working from 15 offices installed in 9 countries, the Emakina Group’s agences are at the forefront of digital marketing.

They offer their services to leading companies and nationale and international institutions who wish to focus on the development of innovating user experiences for their target audience, employees and partners.

The success of a brand is built on the satisfaction of their users. By delivering well thought websites, applications, e-commerces and communication campaigns, Emakina help his clients succeed their digital transformation.

Logo Inprocess

InProcess is a pioneer agency of “use-case based innovation” in France. Within companies of all kinds, this approach is taking more and more strategic dimensions.

In this context and to fully address companies’ issues and impact business, InProcess teams make of Experience their new engine. And in this framework, connected to human sciences and anchored in all companies’ resources, design is the main actor.

For 3 years, InProcess conducts work in the growing field of Experience Design and EXALT Design Lab will give the opportunity to share and continue this topic, while giving the space and time that it deserves to be properly understood and put into practice.

Logo Maif

The MAIF is a french mutual insurance company which headquarters is in Niort, in the Deux-Sèvres. Fourth car insurer and first insurer of associative sector, MAIF covers all needs of his 3 million members (property insurance, health, savings, credit …). The mutual is regularly acclaimed in terms of client relation, in which she arrives at the head of french societies, all sectors combined.

Prisma Média

Prisma Media is the leading press group in France, both in print and digital. Amongst its prestigious titles you'll find a large panel of subjects, from travel to finance and lifestyle to society.
Today, Prisma Media is set at the forefront of a digital revolution of its contents.
Through the last past 5 years it became one of the most important crossmedia content productor and is thriving to find new ways to distribute what is consider to be some of the best names of the french press spectrum: GEO, National Geographic, Capital, Harvard Business Review, Management, Ca m'interesse, FemmeActuelle, Neon, Télé-Loisirs, Gala, Voici, VSD, Prima


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