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Publication in Sciences du Design #07

Jan 25 18

Posted by Estelle Berger

Publication in Sciences du Design #07

The article Design et stratégies d’entreprise : première étude pour modéliser les dynamiques d’engagement dans un projet de recherche, co-authored by Estelle Berger, Ioana Ocnarescu and Frédérique Pain, has just been published in Sciences du Design last issue dedicated to Design Management.

It reports an on-going study of Exalt's genesis. Sorry the article is solely in French for the moment, but here is the abstract: 

In our hyper-competitive context, anticipating the complexity of markets and the evolutions of society does not only demand to act fast, but to think different. Looking at systems and procedures from a human perspective, design is relevant to lead companies towards more attractiveness, competitiveness and sense. The creation of the joint research laboratory Exalt Design Lab in June 2017 represents an ideal field to study the integration of design as a strategic element in organizations. Based on a multi-case study made on the five industrial partners involved, we propose a qualitative analysis of the factors that these companies to be part of this design research project. Following an abductive approach, we will put into perspective key moments, internal and external motivational factors, in order to read the dynamics of their involvement. Finally, we use two concepts to highlight the collective dimension of the transformation process: the existence of a peer learning community , and the role of boundary spanner . This first study is the part of the research program of this joint laboratory, and will be extended in the next three years.

The journal can be ordered here. Keep in touch to follow-up on the study!